What do you really need for the gym


What do you really need for the gym as a beginner?

There is so many social media influencers these days that will try and convince you that you need the newest and best gym equipment but really do you really need an expensive weightlifting belt if you are only a beginner? The short answer NO let me help you navigate what you will realistically need when starting out at the gym.

  1. Gym bag, this doesn’t have to be expensive as it’s just going to get stinky and gross from all the sweaty clothes towels and shoes you will be chucking in there, I recommend starting with something cheap and easy to carry.

  2. Towel: This is not only for your protection from other people’s sweat but to help keep your own to a minimum, most gyms these days have a policy that you must have a towel and also provide spray and wipe to help you keep the equipment clean and germ free.

  3. Headphones: I don’t know about you, but I have my own taste in music which doesn’t involve the top 40 hits from the last 10 years which seems to be what 90% of commercial gyms play these days.

  4. Drink bottle: You should be consuming a litre of water minimum while working out, so a good size drink bottle is a necessity

  5. Comfy gym clothes: they don’t need to be the newest most expensive brand just something you can move freely in, if you’re a sweater like me then a spare shirt is also a must.

  6. The right frame of mind: No matter what’s going on in your world, when you walk through the gym doors you have to be focussed on your goals and improving on your last session.


For the more advanced

As you grow and become more advanced in the gym there are a few things that you will need on top of the basics.

  1. Lifting belt: A good lifting belt is a necessary part of the more advanced gym kit as it supports your lower back and can help you progress even further with your weights.

  2. Wrist straps: As the weights get heavier your grip strength will fail before you do so having these little beauties on hand can be very helpful

  3. Knee sleeves: Knee sleeves are like a weightlifting belt for your knees, they provide support and compression when the weights get heavier. They come in many different thicknesses and depending on the type of training you’re doing you can always find a pair to suit.


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