The scales lie!!!


The scales lie!!!


In my opinion we need to change the relationship we have with our bathroom scales, it can make us confused, angry, depressed and sometimes we can obsess over the number that pops up. As you can tell I am not a massive advocate for the scales as they “lie” one day we can weigh 60kg the next 62 kg this can play mind games and set you back on your journey. 


Our weight on the scale is determined by:


  • The amount of undigested food we have in our tummy

  • The amount of sodium we consumed the day before 

  • The amount of water we have drank

  • What time of day we weigh ourselves 

  • The clothes we wear 

  • Did you do a big workout the day before you weighed yourself 

  • For women the time of the month we weigh ourselves can make a huge difference 

  • And if we use the same or different scales  


I am an advocate however for using the scales as a guide to what our weight is doing, my top tips for using the scales correctly are,

  • Weigh yourself on the same day every week not everyday.

  • Always weigh yourself when your fist wake and after you have used the loo

  • Weigh yourself either naked or in the same clothes every time

  • And always use use the same scales

  • And remember that certain times of the month can dramatically change how much you weigh. 


I personally prefer to not focus on the number but how am I feeling, how my clothes are fitting and is my strength in the gym going up. 

What is the best way to measure your progress?
  • Body scans, you will find that most gyms and sports nutrition shops will have one of these machines these days, they cost around $30 for a scan and can give you some fantastic information like, what is your visceral fat percentage (bad fat that surrounds your internal organs), skeletal muscle mass (Skeletal muscle mass (kg) is how much muscle is attached to your bones) blood pressure, and so much more. 

  • Tape measure, best used on more overweight people as it can be sometimes frustrating when they look in the mirror and see no change but when they see the numbers going down on the tape measure it can really push them to keep going. 

  • Calipers, calipers are generally used for much leaner clients and bodybuilders, the reason is that the leaner you get the smaller the changes are and calipers measure the amount of body fat we hold on key areas of the body  


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